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ARISE FAQ's - Season 4 : New Heart, New Spirit

Feb 10, 2017

What is ARISE?

            Arise is a 5 season, 2 ½ year program by Renew International

Who should participate in ARISE?

            Any adult interested in deepening their faith through small group sharing

What does it cost to participate in ARISE?

Arise is a self-sustaining formation program for Epiphany. Cost includes a participant book (can be shared with a partner), shipping costs and a shared portion of the group CD cost. This is why there is a slightly higher cost if you choose to share a book. $14 per person or $17 per couple/partner

What is a “season” of Arise?

            A season is 6 small group sessions, usually one per week for 6 consecutive weeks.

How long is each session?

            A session is typically 1-2 hours

What season are we in at Epiphany?

            Fall 2017 will begin with Season Four: New Heart, New Spirit

Do I need to do all the seasons? What if I missed or skipped Season One, Two, or Three?

Each season is a stand-alone program. You do not need to have completed Season One, Two, or Three to begin Season Four.

When does Season Four officially begin?

That depends on your group! Most groups will begin right before Ash Wednesday. Your facilitator will let you know.

What groups are available?

Let’s discuss! We have some open spots in pre-existing groups OR we could start a new group. Sign-up today and I will contact you.

Who is the contact?

Sarah Brockwell at sbrockwell@epiphanychurch.org or 794-0222 ext. 16


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