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Covenant: A Retreat for Busy People

Jan 25, 2018

 Day Nine. Church is not a popularity contest or a sports team in which we attempt to gain entry in order to belong. We were just reflecting last evening at Come Follow Me on this very thing. Church is so much more than just the believers already contained in the roster. If we recall our early Christian brothers and sisters, they met in small communities and supported each other so that none of them needed anything. Our Church community continues this on a larger scale. In order to keep Christ at the heart of each ministry, we must be always encouraging others to come and join our Church in its worship services, activities, and offerings. Share the light with others so they too may know comfort and support on the journey. The goal of a local parish is not to create the most popular group or the most elite team, it is to grow in love and diversity. To be a light for those not yet known and to be glory for those that know and believe.


"God has prepared a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and glory for the people Israel."



God speaks to us in many ways if we listen. The holy listening of Lectio Divina is a powerful way to hear God’s voice through scripture. Don’t get caught up in trying Lectio and making it perfect. Relax and allow God in.


Read. Read the text and go slowly. Take each word in and acknowledge words and phrases that are jumping out. Don’t expect big things. Just read.


Ponder. Memorize the phrase. Close your eyes and repeat it. Don’t be afraid of distractions. When images and ideas rise up, let them interact with the text you are repeating.


Pray. Talk directly to God. Tell God exactly what has come up during this time of meditation and reflection. If it is very little or very big, it does not matter. With time this process will become natural and fluid.



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