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Invitation-Exempting People With Severe Mental Illness From Virginia’s Death Penalty

Oct 16, 2018


Exempting People With Severe Mental Illness From Virginia’s Death Penalty

Purpose: Introduce upcoming legislation in Virginia

Forum:  Interfaith Presentation and Discussion

Time & Date: 7:00 pm, Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Location: Islamic Center of Virginia. 1241 Buford Road, North Chesterfield, 23235

Hosted by: Prison & Social Justice members of various Bon-Air area faiths  
                   (Christian, Jewish, Muslim)

Presenters: Spokespersons for VASMIE (The Virginia Alliance for the Severe Mental Illness Exception) and others will present; discussion will follow.

Who is invited: Open to the public

This is an opportunity to learn more about proposed Virginia legislation exempting from the death penalty persons with severe mental illness.  Severely mentally ill defendants would be exempted just as juveniles and persons with intellectual disabilities are currently; however, criminal guilt could still be established and the persons sentenced to life without parole.

Press contact:  Tom Petersik (804) 674-1848; tkpetersik@yahoo.com

Host location contact:  Imam Ammar Amonette (Islamic Center of Virginia)


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