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Piano Appeal

Dec 5, 2017

Good evening/morning. Fr. John asked me to address the congregation about the piano. As the Director of Music it is my responsibility to oversee the instruments at Epiphany. For the past year almost two years it has been a struggle to maintain the piano in the church. It is no longer a reliable instrument. We need a reliable instrument to lead liturgy.

After a great deal of time and effort behind the scene I presented 2 proposals to the Pastor and various committees, staff, Worship Committee, Liturgy Team, Pastoral Council and Finance Council. They overwhelmingly voiced their opinion to buy a new piano instead of refurbishing the existing instrument. I think a new instrument is an exciting and important step for the parish.

A few thoughts-

To my knowledge in the history of Epiphany, almost 40 years, the parish has never purchased an instrument for liturgy. Pretty amazing in many ways…

The current instrument, which was donated, they wish to remain anonymous; will be traded for a new instrument. So as a parish we thank this family for their generosity. Even today, this family continues to support the musical life of this parish as they pave the way forward for us.

The amount of the appeal for a new grand piano is 30 thousand dollars.

This appeal is near and dear to my heart, hopefully I have not forgotten to state the obvious. However, I do enjoy talking about music, pianos, choirs, singing and liturgy so if you have questions I will be in the Commons after mass.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support of the music ministry and I thank you for being a singing congregation. It is a pleasure every weekend to play, to accompany the Mass as you sing and praise God. Thank you. I hope you consider this appeal.

May God be glorified.

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