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2020 archive of Human Concerns and Pastoral Care News

2020 archive of Human Concerns and Pastoral Care News

New Sculpture at Epiphany

Posted by Sherry Neese on 8/27/20

The next time you visit our church, we invite you to take a look at the beautiful new sculpture in front of the building, just down the sidewalk from the bell tower. On one side, the Ten Commandments are displayed like two stone tablets, resting upon a pedestal ... Read More »

Racial Justice

Posted by Sherry Neese on 8/18/20

Racial Justice – Reading

Click HERE to read the “Tribute to John Lewis” that was published on the JustFaith website. Explore the website for information about other social justice programs.

“Open Wide Our Hearts” is a pastoral letter against racism issued by the United States Conference of Catholic ... Read More »

Prison Labor and Reform

Posted by Sherry Neese on 7/21/20

Epiphany parishioners have an incredible commitment to justice and mercy, even for marginalized people like the incarcerated. Tom Petersik, the co-coordinator of prison ministry for Saint Edward, Church of the Epiphany, and Saint John Neumann, has created a website where we can learn about prison labor and the reforms ... Read More »

A Message From Father John "An update on our parish during a time of crisis"

Posted by Sherry Neese on 7/10/20

"My Brothers and Sisters of Church of the Epiphany,

We are living in very distressing times when it is too easy to fall into despair. I would like to offer you hope and a reminder of the many wondrous deeds that our Lord has done through us in the ... Read More »

COVID-19 Precautions from the Diocese and Epiphany

Posted by Sherry Neese on 3/13/20

Until further notice, Bishop Knestout has granted a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days to the following persons most susceptible to the effects of the Corona virus/COVID 19: those 60 years of age or older; those with chronic illness; and those with immune ... Read More »


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