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1/1/18 Weekly Reflection

Jan 2, 2019

We greet you in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus.

May the light of the Holy Spirit of our Lord, the Lord of love, mercy, and compassion shine upon all of us and may He grant us the knowledge, patience and wisdom to understand the richness of His teachings and missions which are intended to nurture our hearts and our lives.

From the daily readings of January 1st 2019

"The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine upon
you, and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly and
give you peace!
So shall they invoke my name upon the Israelites,
and I will bless them."

What a great message for the start of a new year! Many try to establish resolutions to change their behavior for the better in the new year and many, if not most, fail. Then again, we must try. At the base of our Catholic belief is that we are a people blessed and loved by God.The Israelite's while trekking in the desert were far from perfect people. Many times, they complained to Moses and some even wished to return to the slavery of Egypt rather than endure the harsh conditions of the desert. Yet God never stopped being present to them and loving them and redeeming them.

That is a story for us as well. Every year at this time, we reflect on the past year. It is usually met with a sigh and a firm “good riddance.” We look to a new year with hope, so we make resolutions to be better people. We look with hope, because at our core we know God loves us and is with us. God transforms us as we trek through our Sinai journey and since we just celebrated His son’s becoming one of us, let us resolve to begin every day remembering that love and passing it on to others. Perhaps a moment taken to recite this prayer will help.

“Lord of all created things, fill me with the joy of your loving presence so that I may in turn spread it to others.  Amen

May God bless us in His mercy this year.

-Deacon Steve Haut


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