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10/28/19 Weekly Reflection

We greet you in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus.

May the light of the Holy Spirit of our Lord, the Lord of love, mercy, and compassion shine upon all of us and may He grant us the knowledge, patience and wisdom to understand the richness of His teachings and missions which are intended to nurture our hearts and our lives.

"You also must be prepared,

for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come" (Luke 12:40)

Good Morning - you are all happy today right?

How do I know that, because every day is a good and wonderful day because of God's love is in the air, around us and in us all a time.

But, are you Prepared? Are you?

Well you may ask: Prepare for what? Good question?

Let see, prepare for school, prepare for first date, for first job interview, for meeting, for homily, for wedding, for vacation , we prepare for every thing, don't we?,

Actually our lives are full of preparation for certain things.


But what about God?

Are we really prepared for God?

Our Lord said: "You also must be prepared,

for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come."

Jesus used the image of the servant's master will come on unexpected day and at an unknown hour to remind us that we need to be ready for Him whenever he comes and knocks, be ready to open your life for him to reign and guide and be spiritual ready for  his ever lasting Kingdom ..,



Only you can answer that.

Let me share with you my thought and prayer:

 Be prepared and humble like a drop of dew,

Innocent and modesty,

And be lowly like common grass,

That, when you feel the love of God shines endlessly.

Many times you fret nights and days,

Life is like ocean waves,

Many ups and many downs,

That, when you know God walks with you, always.

Be prepared and Let our hearts open wide,

For God's words will sprinkle in,

His invitation for us to transform our lives,

Into the more lasting beauty and meaning.

Be prepared and let not our heart be troubled

Let our old sinful lives passing,

From this day forward God invites,

Step out in faith, prepare and prepare for His knocking.

Where will we go and what will we do,

Who will we be, we do not know at all,

But be spiritual lovingly and humbly ready, mind and soul,

Unexpectedly, He will come for us all.

So  again, Are You Prepared as He asked you to???

Again, Only You can answer that.


Have a wonderful day in God's love


-Joe Hung Nguyen


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