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If you would like information about any of the Pastoral Care Ministries, please contact Laurie Weeda  Human Concerns Coordinator,  794-0222, ext. 19, or fill out the Pastoral Care Ministries Interest Form.

Communion Ministries

Communion Ministries is a ministry of visitation to the homebound and those in hospitals, nursing homes, recovery and correctional facilities to share Communion, Scripture and prayer. Opportunities to serve are scheduled in advance when possible. At other times, you will be contacted by phone and may accept or decline, as your schedule allows.

Crisis and Bereavement

This special ministry offers resources and support for those who are ill or who have lost a loved one. Volunteers make contact directly or by sending cards to express the community’s care and concern. Meals for families may also be provided to those in crisis. You will be contacted by phone in advance and may accept or decline, as your schedule allows.

Equipment Donations

The parish accepts donations of clean, reusable medical equipment and supplies. The goods are then provided to parishioners in need or to others through organizations such as F.R.E.E., The Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment and Endowment, or Bon Secours. Please contact us to donate items or to request items. 

Funeral Liturgy Ministry 

Are you already a Head Minister, Mass Coordinator, Minister of Hospitality, Eucharistic Minister or Lector? If so, and if you are available during the day, you may wish to serve in that capacity at funeral liturgies. You will be contacted by phone in advance and may accept or decline, as your schedule allows.

Ministry of Health and Wholeness

Nurses and other health care professionals in the Ministry of Health and Wholeness provide health and wellness education and services to parishioners. The ministry affirms the church as a source to teach and support us to live with “ease” physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Monthly meetings are held and volunteer tasks vary. PLEASE join the ministry, you’ll feel better if you do!

Post Abortion Healing Ministry

The Post Abortion Healing Ministry is a ministry of healing for women and men suffering the effects of abortion. Confidential companioning through guilt and grief, into an embrace of Christ’s merciful healing, is offered. There are diverse ways to serve, and formation is provided. Prayer partners and new ministry members are invited and needed.

Praying Hands Ministry

Members of the Praying Hands Ministry gather once a week to knit or crochet Prayer Shawls, which are created with prayers and blessings for those needing comfort at difficult or challenging times in their lives.  This group meets Wednesday mornings from 10:00 til noon, but members also work at home. New members are invited.